I received this email about an hour ago:

Hello David…

I just did what you advised me to do but the problem remains the same : importing the private key is not working…. drives me nuts! Last time I checked blockchain.info ( https://blockchain.info/address/(redacted) ) there was still 30.28020001BTC ! But no way my bitcoinqt client loads the key so I am stuck with those BTCs. Thanks for offering your help with this. Here is my wallet.dat with the password (googlelink). If you need anything else let me know. If you can load the key please send the BTCs to 1DxFvJ6up9jXAZ9pkUmWVdiMTWvsjgB5Ea This would help me so much. Thanks David! Erwann

This is interesting, because the blockchain.info link in the email was not blockchain.info at all but some other link. This was mostly likely a link to trojan or maleware of some sort, the author knew people who would be likely to click on the link would also tend to be people that may have a bitcoin wallet on their computer. I checked on that particular address and it didn’t have any bitcoins in the wallet.